Old PDAs can be put to good use again, helping doctors in Africa:

In honor of World AIDS Day, December 1st, Skyscape and SATELLIFE are asking you to donate your used PDAs to health practitioners in Africa to enable them to access the latest medical information - and help fight the spread of AIDS.

Skyscape will equip these handheld devices with mobile medical references enabling health practitioners in the developing world to access to the latest medical information while working in rural areas.

SATELLIFE will distribute the PDAs to doctors in Uganda and other East African Countries as part of its existing initiative to fight the spread of AIDS in Africa and improve medical care by providing doctors the most current treatment guidelines and references.

This program started in honor of last December 1st's World AIDS Day -- but still seems to be going strong. Most medical students / residents I know are on their second or third PDA (then again, many of the ones I know started school in the 90's).

What happens to the old ones? With the black-and-green screens? And the quaint AAA batteries? At last, there's a good alternative to gathering dust.