An Evening in the Examining Room

Dr. Charles hosts this week's edition of Grand Rounds. What can I say? He makes me want to read my post over again.

I count 26 entries, which is a record. Also, seven entries come from blogs I've never heard of before. But they're good, so go check it out! And the Carnival of the Caregivers marches on. Here are the upcoming hosts for Grand Rounds:

12/14/04 Parallel Universes
12/21/04 Code Blue Blog
12/28/04 CodeBlog: Tales of a Nurse
1/4/05 Rangel, MD
1/11/05 Chronicles of a Medical Madhouse

Parallel Universes will be our first international host; Dr. Emeritus hails from the Philippines.

CodeBlueBlog, in addition to distinguishing himself as the master medical sleuth of the blogosphere, will be our first host who's involved with Tangled Bank, the Carnival of the Scientists.

Geena from CodeBlog will be our first repeat host, for several reasons. Her first gig was spectacular yet received no Instalanche (the Professor was on vacation). Also, she was willing to host right smack in the middle of the holidays. These nurses, they're saints (and if Instapundit is on vacation again, well, I'm just going to hit Refresh on my browser a few thousand times).

If you want to host Grand Rounds, drop me a line. I've tried to favor bloggers who write mostly about medicine, who've been around a while, and who post at least weekly. There are more such medical blogs that I've been meaning to solicit, but not many more.

I've received hosting offers from political blogs that happen to be written by health care professionals, from spankin' new blogs, and from blogs that are infrequently updated. I'm more reluctant to give them the spotlight of hosting Grand Rounds, but at the same time, I'd like to see what some of these writers come up with. And I'm not quite ready to cycle through the original hosts again. Any thoughts on this matter? Let me know.