Where you're coming from

One of the many secret rewards of blogging is that I can peruse the search engine results that direct readers to my site.

Some recent gems:

  • class action lawsuit +boston +hepatitis a +quiznos
    (I've been getting searches for Quiznos since February, but queries took a disturbing turn during the recent Hep A outbreak around Boston. Now, it looks like the exposed are fighting back. Did the plaintiffs just tip their hand?)

  • "man in wheelchair hit by train"
    (doo-dah, doo-dah. A classic headline.)

  • is a nasogastric tube more uncomfortable than an ercp
    (it is, the way I do it)

  • acecdotes about plastic surgery
    (I haven't written about this, but the query reminds me about this guy who got pretty much his entire hand cut off by a circular saw. The ulnar nerve was severed. The ulnar head was sawed off. He cut his median nerve, and 11 of the 12 flexors. All he really had going for him was an intact radial artery. I helped the attending and the plastics fellow in the OR for six hours, using little flags to mark the tendons. Best anatomy lesson ever, and still the coolest surgery I've seen. And the patient, by the way, regained motor control very quickly, and on follow up months later, I heard he had some sensation back, too.)

    (I really ought to set up some kind of fact sheet or something. People are desperate!)

  • "I pursued and she withdrew" gonorrhea
    (I once quoted the Seinfeld episode featuring Kramer's stint as a standardized patient. People love that episode, with a passion that still burns...)

  • it kills 300 americans every day "300 AMERICANS"
    (I don't know what it is, but it's got me scared. Actually, enough people have searched for this that I suspect it's part of some trivia challenge.)

  • "Dammit, jim"
    (six searches in a week must mean I'm #1 again. Or is someone just googling this because blogborygmi is too hard to spell?)

  • songs about work
    (An oldie, but a goodie. And a good opportunity to open submissions for my epic forthcoming post: Songs About Doctors, Nurses, and Hospitals)

    (to quote another writer from my hometown: "Yup, these are my readers")