I've been going back and forth with fellow med student bloggers about how to improve public awareness of health issues. Applying regulatory pressure on snack-food industries? In-your-face shock tactics? Free coupons for Tofutti?

I know how my class felt when we were handed a fragment of a 20-year old male's aorta, and got to feel the early atherosclerotic changes already underway. The sensation was a combination of queasiness, selfish concern, and resolve. How do you bottle and distribute that?

Slate's David Edelstein has a new movie review, with a potential answer:

For Super Size Me, Spurlock came up with a magnificent stunt - but one that seemed to leap from the collective unconscious of our fast-food nation. He would spend a month eating nothing but McDonald's food, three meals a day, and if they asked if he wanted it supersized, he's say, 'Yes, I would!'

What follows is apparently so vile, viewers may never look at a quarter-pounder the same way again. Is this why McDonald's has ended super-sizing? One thing's for sure: I'm lovin' it.