Sentimental Journey

I'm not a big believer in fate, but I do find satisfaction in a narrative that comes full circle. That's how I'm choosing to view the following occurrences:

  • My final medical school elective, on musculoskeletal diseases, involved a weeklong sojourn to the anatomy lab. I haven't smelled those smells, or touched those prosections, since 1998. The same instructor was there, pointing to structures and drilling the students. We've learned so much since then, but, apparently, have forgotten a good deal, as well.

  • Because Match Day was on St. Patrick's Day, the post-Match party and debauchery had to relocate from its traditional Irish pub site. So instead, we got together at a restaurant that seemed familiar... It turns out I had a meal there once with my father, after he'd help me move into my place before med school.

  • helpfully offered to ship my board study books to an apartment I lived in briefly six years ago, and I apparently agreed to the arrangement. Fortunately, the current residents held the package for me, and I got a chance to see what's become of a place that holds a few fond memories. It looks like the eastern wall hasn't caved in yet, which is nice.

    I'm looking forward to more of these little moments, now that I'm on the lookout for them.