Those survey people

Lileks took a mall survey (LILEKS (James) The Bleat: )
This part didn't involve checking off a box; the guy had several lines to fill out, and he wanted a specific response. So I said exactly what the marketing people wanted to hear:

“Lovable, Belushi-like loser Jack Black finds himself kicked out of his band and down on his luck - but then things start looking up when he ends up as a fish out of water in a world he never made: a stuffy boarding school where he teaches students and teachers how to loosen up and party down.� Pause; wait for the kid to stop scribbling. He's done. Drive in the knife: “Hilarity ensues.�

'This is the best survey I have done all day,' the kid said.

I did one of these, too, back in January. I was returning all the gifts I had purchased for my parents (very picky). I saw a preview for Daredevil and was also asked about my anticipation for League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Got a check for $3.

But I'd give it all back if I could describe it like Lileks. That guy rules.