Brothers in arms

It's happened again.

Almost every day, I get a brochure or three about courses, credentialing, or some educational opportunities for doctors. I thought it would let up when I passed the boards, but no.

On many of them, there's stock photography like this:
If you're too lazy to click the link, that's ok, I'm too lazy to import the pics. I'll save you some time:

Everyone one of these pictures, and most of these brochures, feature a doctor with his or her arms crossed. Often, they're looking at the camera, with an air of seriousness and, I daresay, a trace of disapproval.

I can understand maybe patients seeing us this way -- we have some experience and education, and a lot our workload comes from theoretically preventable disease. So a doctor with arms folded might work if you're trying to sell treadmills or grape nuts.

But is this an image that works on other doctors? Are we more likely to sign up for a board review course if it's offered to us by a stern, standoffish colleague?

Then I think back to medical school, and realize: of course.