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Although it's by no means a great film, there's no recent movie imagery that has lingered with me as much as Mike Judge's Idiocracy, a dystopian black comedy in which the dim-witted have conquered the planet through their fecundity.

Maybe this movie resonated with me because I'm too far removed to really 'get' MTV culture anymore. Or working in NYC emergency rooms has made me a little discouraged about our future. In any case, a reviewer has nicely captured the humor and horror when our modern hero, Joe, wakes up five hundred years in the future, and heads to St. God's Memorial Hospital:

Because language has deteriorated throughout the centuries, when Joe speaks, Dizz can barely understand him (imagine a man from the 1500s trying to speak Elizabethan English in modern-day Amarillo, Texas). Scared by Dizz's hostile grunts and disoriented from his hibernation, Joe stumbles across the hellish garbage-covered city to a hospital, still somehow convinced that he's just hallucinating.

The hospital sequence is one of the funniest parts of Idiocracy, gleefully showing how complex bureaucracies can develop even in the dumbest of societies. Joe finds that hospitals are now set up like Jiffy Lubes - you stand in line until a technician hooks you into a machine that loudly offers a pre-recorded diagnosis ("You've got hepatitis!"). When Joe finally gets to see a doctor (who offers the diagnosis "your shit may be retarded"), he begins to realize what's happened.

But I also enjoyed the little things, like the movie's clever adaptations of modern logos (NSFW), and how coarseness has become commonplace in civil institutions.

If you can't wait for that future, at least now you can drink Brawdo, the Gatorade-like beverage that threatens to destroy American civilization in 2505. Why would you want to drink it? Well, for starters, it's got electrolytes.