Where Everybody Knows Your Broth

In the past few months I've eaten at some unique places:

  • a restaurant that only serves macaroni and cheese (S'Mac)

  • a yogurt bar (Pinkberry)

  • a rice pudding bar (Rice to Riches)

  • I'm still hoping to go to that secret cookie shop (mmm... secret cookies), and the popcorn place on the west side. The next time I'm in Philly, I'll check out Cereality.

    But a few weeks ago, I found myself in Hoboken, eating some beef stew in celebration of St. Patrick's Day (yes, they do it early and often over there). The food was splendid, but our party ran out of plates -- and so people started eating their stew in a cup.

    And that's when my idea for StewBar was born.

    You know, a place to get your stew on-the-go. Meat, vegetable, chili -- many varieties. Enterprising franchisers can even apply for a liquor license, to become a "Stew & Brew" for the late night crowd... or tired residents looking for a square meal and a way to take the edge off.

    My question now is, is a stew bar enough of a gimmick? Because if not, we thought up aanother: The Stork, a combination straw / fork for your stew-in-a-cup.