One last admission

There's so many things to do overnight on medicine call. I've got to see the new admissions, write up the H+P's, order labs and tomorrow's procedures, handle dozens of cross-coverage checks and answer random calls from the floors.

So, when it's all over and I come home, the list-making tends to continue. Today was no different -- I sat at my computer by the window, overlooking the glorious spring day unfolding just beyond my fire escape, and began composing the list of post-nap tasks and activities.

Some movement caught the corner of my eye. There, on the fire escape, a bird had nestled in amongst the tangled philodendron vines. She adjusted her position, I guess, to better assess the threat.

We stared at each other a few moments. Most birds don't linger on my fire escape for too long, but she seemed pretty invested in the place. Was she sick? Injured? Or just resting?

"I've had that plant for a while, do you like it?" I asked. She winked at me.

"OK. Maybe you had a rough night, too. Tell you what: If you're still here when I wake up, we'll call a consult and consider some imaging. OK?"

She consented, and I had a new item for the top of my list.