Unexpected Report

Recently, there's been a lot of traffic in the Emergency Department, and a lot of traffic in social departments, as well. So many new faces and challenging interactions -- much of it is very gratifying, but some of it stings and prompts second-guessing.

All that, combined with a bone-deep fatigue, unseasonable weather, and looming deadlines has led to a kind of constant, low-level paranoia I'm not accustomed to.

Maybe this is part of developing into a vigilant attending, or being a considerate person. Maybe I should lay off the coffee and get some sleep.

Either way, Haloscan informed me, just now, that a comment was made to this post from 2004. A few weeks ago I'd brush it off as a tasteless hoax or misguided plea. But considering my mindset these days, coming at the end of a long night (not to mention the subject matter), I must say: I'm a little creeped out.

(The comment counter says 0 for older posts, but trust me, there are comments. And the commenter's handle suggests he's got a sick sense of humor, or was actually there).