A Bleat from The Bleat

Even Lileks gets the blues:
Well, I went off on a rant tonight; didn’t mean to, but it’s been building. I blame myself; I am feeling particularly small and useless these days. For God’s sake, my primary contribution to the world today was a 300-word piece on pretentious bath towels. Seventeen more years of this, then the gold watch? How exactly is it possible that I love my job, love my life, feel extraordinarily lucky and grateful, and still want to bang my head into the kitchen counter at night.

If you'd told me, a year ago, the size of our audience on Medgadget or Pre-Rounds, I wouldn't believe you. But sometimes, late at night, by the kitchen counter, it all seems like pretentious bath towels. Thank goodness for the privilege of my day job, for times like those and really for all times.