Diamond in the Roughage

I often wondered which medical blogger would first make it onto Blogger.com's "Blogs of Note" first... would it be the news and views from mighty Medpundit? The rich examining-room tales of Dr. Charles? The heartbreak and introspection from The Cheerful Oncologist (you know, before he moved off blogspot).

As far as I can tell, none of these fine, erudite blogs have been featured. But this one is: Ah Yes, Medical School. Ah yes, they've chosen to spotlight the bawdy writing from a still-adolescent twentysomething male, preoccupied with breasts, poop jokes, and whining about work.

It's really funny.

It looks like he's labored without much recognition for years, before finally getting some attention this month. I wonder how many others are out there like him. Maybe now with google's blog search, it'll be possible to find more of these hidden sites.