A More Significant Diversion

My phone received a text message last night, from a friend who knew me back when:
"Olivier Dubois is the new Nick Genes!"
I didn't know what this cryptic phrase meant, until I picked up the Metro this morning and saw Dubois all over the front page, relating details from his airline adventure.

And as my texting friend noticed, there are some parallels in Dubois' account of a normal descent, no cautionary word from the cockpit, etc., and my tale from a few months back.

Except, you know, his plane crashed and caught fire, and he could have easily been killed, while my flight was just diverted for a few hours. Details.

Of all the passenger interviews, Dubois gives the best summary of what happened on Air France 358, and what it felt like, and wisely leaves the editorializing to passengers like Gwen Dunlop. So, kudos to him for keeping cool and remembering details after an unbelievably distressing experience.

But it remains to be seen, of course, where Dubois goes from here. A blog? Memoirs? Movie of the Week? Because his ceiling is sky-high, let me tell you.