What, me worry

Today is unMatch Day. Black Monday. It's the day when most medical students in the U.S. find out IF they're going into a residency in July. The question of WHERE is revealed on Thursday (as I've mentioned before, some specialties have already conducted their matches, with unnerving results).

After the six-month process of applying, interviewing, and ranking, Match Week can be an abrupt exclamation point.

Those unfortunate enough to get bad news today will be pushed into what's affectionately called "The Scramble" -- cold-calling programs that have a few unfilled spots, faxing the application, and hoping for some mercy. I know doctors who've actually changed their careers during the scramble (ie, not matching in dermatology and deciding, oh well, anesthesiology's nice, too).

But that's still pleasantly hypothetical, at least for another few hours. Besides me, other fourth-years include Anjali, Trent, Izzy, and the crew from Push Fluids. It's not evidence-based, but be sure to send some good vibes across the ether.