Notes vs. Chords

There is a lot of navel-gazing on the web. Blogging about Blogs, Do's vs. Dont's, and a new searing (and funny) indictment of the blog culture. I just hope I don't cross the guy at Annoyed -- in a very short time, he's tackled blog cliches, blinkies, and Nana Mouskouri.

Lileks indulged in some introspection this week, too:

"Variety is necessary to any blog. If you demonstrate a certain amount of monomania, you'll reduce your audience down to those who share your worldview, which might be smaller than you suspect. I think readers of general-interest sites will tolerate the occasional patch of monomania, but not if it's Fevered Monomania. Long stretches of Fevered Monomania drive people away. "

There's been some perseveration here with medical postings, as I tried to establish my bona-fides amongst med bloggers. But just as there are many pitches and rhythms of borborygmi, so too must there be variety on blogborygmi. Now that gizmodo's back, with a new editorial focus, there can be more technology grumblings on the site.

And politics again, soon. Maybe the ideal situation would be the intersections of medicine and politics, like the Kerry Botox scandal. But I didn't have the stomach for it, and sat it out.

How about this: AMG and other sites claim that Nana Mouskouri was born with only one vocal cord. WTF? I don't think they mean unilateral vocal cord paralysis, because she'd be barely audible. Maybe I haven't heard of this congenital anomaly because it doesn't really hurt one's singing career. I bet she's at increased risk of aspiration, though.